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Introductory courses

THEO-011 "Introduction to Biblical Literature" may be taken as either an introductory course or as an intermediate level course.
THEO-001-03 The Problem of God
Tomes, Laura
THEO-001-04 Problem of God
Professor G. Mannion
THEO-001-10 The Problem of God
Professor F. Ruf
THEO-001-20 The Problem of God
Professor F. Ruf
THEO-001-70 The Problem of God
Professor P. Laude
Professor P. Heck

Intermediate level courses

The prerequisite for intermediate courses is the successful completion of one introductory course.
Professor P. Heck
THEO-055 Sacred Quest
Professor R. Lederman
Professor J. Ray
Professor L. Kern
Erika B. Seamon
Professor C. Santos
Professor G. Mannion

Advanced level courses

Unless further restricted, students may take advanced courses (200 level and above) only after fulfilling the two course General Education requirement for Theology.
Professor S. Fields
Professor F. Ruf
Professor James Wallis

Graduate Courses

Introductory Seminar: Religious Studies Perspective

Asian Traditions

Christian Tradition

Islamic Tradition

Jewish Tradition

Pluralism Seminar: Comparative Theological Reflection

Please note that one of the Pluralism Seminars must also count as a course in either the primary or secondary religion. It is clear that many of the courses in traditions other than Christianity will be offered outside the department, and the schedule presumes that. The schedule is also arranged so that those needing five courses in the Christian Tradition would have to double count one of the appropriate Pluralism Seminars. If, instead, a student chooses a course outside the department, this option is not indicated and must be added to the schedule.

Continuous Reg/Masters

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