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Chofrancisca Cho

Professor, Ph.D. 1992, Ph.D. University of Chicago

Interests: Buddhism and science, Buddhism and aesthetics, Comparative Studies, Methods in the Study of Religion.

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ClineErin M. Cline

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Baylor, 2006

Email: Erin.Cline@georgetown.edu

Interests: Chinese philosophy and religion, comparative ethics, political philosophy, feminist philosophy, Ignatian spirituality

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Associate Professor and Thomas P. McKenna, C’63 Family Term Endowed Chair in Buddhist Studies, D.Phil. 2007, University of Oxford

Interests: Tibetan religions, divine kingship, religious historiography and epic, Dunhuang studies, divination, medieval Tibetan law, and animals and religion.

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EspositoJohn L. Esposito

University Professor

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fieldsStephen M. Fields


Interests: Thomas Aquinas; the thought of Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthasar, John Henry Newman; the problem of nature and grace; metaphysics and the philosophy of religion; theories of natural law ethics

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Chester L. Gillis


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Ariel Glucklich


Interests: Hindu law and rituals, Magic in India, Religion and the body in India, Psychology of religion, Religion and pain, Religion and pleasure, Religious communities, Mysticism, Contemplation and work

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Paul L. Heck

Professor, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2000

Post-Doctorate, Society of Fellows, Princeton University, 2001-2004

Interests: Political theology, religious skepticism, epistemology, history of Sufism, comparative ethics (Islam and Christianity), theo-humanism, empire & religion, classical Arabic literature and adab, Islamic history.

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HentzOtto H. Hentz

Associate Professor

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johnsonTerrence L. Johnson

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, Ph.D., Brown University, 2008
Research Fellow,  Berkley  Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs

Email: tlj44@georgetown.edu

                                                       Interests: African American religious ethics and philosophy,  political theory, religion in public life and democracy and social change.

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LammJulia A. Lamm 

Professor, Ph.D., Theology, 1991, with Distinction.

Interests: Julia A. Lamm is a historical theologian specializing in the thought of Friedrich D. E. Schleiermacher (1768-1834); the theology of Julian of Norwich (1343-ca. 1416); the history of Christian thought; the doctrine of God; Christian understandings of grace; and Christian mysticism.

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Leo D. Lefebure

Professor and Matteo Ricci Chair

Christian responses to religious pluralism in the USA; interpretation of the Bible in interreligious relationships; Buddhist-Christian relations; Christian theologies response to Buddhism

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LinafeltTod Linafelt

Professor, Ph.D., Emory 1997

Interests: Hebrew Bible, Literary theory, and criticism, narrative and poetry, doughnuts.

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MadiganDaniel A. Madigan

Associate Professor; Jeanette W. and Otto J. Ruesch Family Associate Professor

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Gerard M. Mannion

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil., 1999), University of Oxford

Interests: Gerard's main areas of research lie in the fields of systematic theology - especially ecclesiology (study of the church); in ethics/moral theology - especially social ethics, ethical theory and bioethics; and in public theology. He also has ongoing interests in other aspects of systematic theology and philosophy.

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MitchellAlan C. Mitchell

Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins; Director, The Reverend Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J. Institute on Sacred Scripture at Georgetown University; Ph.D., Yale University, 1986.

Interests: Hebrews; Letters of Paul; Gospel of Luke; Acts of the Apostles; New Testament Reception History; New Testament Social Description; Hellenistic Moralists and the New Testament; Second Temple Judaism; Early Christian History and Literature; Roman Catholic – Jewish Dialogue

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Joseph Murphy

Professor, Ph.D., Temple, 1981; Paul J. (C'62) and Chandler M. Tagliabue Distinguished Professor in Interfaith Studies and Dialogue

   Interests: African and Latin American religions, myth and ritual studies, interfaith spiritualities

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O'MalleyJohn W. O'Malley

University Professor

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PhanPeter C. Phan

Ellacuria Chair of Catholic Social Thought
Doctor of Sacred Theology, Universitas Pontificia Salesiana, 1979.
Doctor of Philosophy, University of London, 1996.
Doctor of Divinity, University of London, 2000.

Interests: Catholic systematic theology (in particular Trinity, Christology, eschatology, liberation theology, and Karl Rahner); history of Christian missions, especially in Asia; religion and culture; interreligious dialogue; religious pluralism; and the impact of migration on Christianity.

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RayJonathan S. Ray

Professor and Samuel Eig Professor of Jewish Studies

Interests: Jewish Studies, Sephardic history, Diaspora Studies, Mediterranean Studies

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ReynoldsTerrence P. Reynolds

Associate Professor

Interests: Undergraduate teaching, Religious and philosophical ethics, 19th and 20th century Christian thought, Religious voices in the public square, Søren Kierkegaard.

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RufFrederick J. Ruf

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor


Interests: Modern Religious Thought, William James, Pragmatism, Travel and Pilgrimage, Post-modernism, the Religious Construction of the Self

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 Theresa M. Sanders

 Associate Professor, Ph.D. Syracuse University 1991

 Interests: Undergraduate teaching, religion, and popular culture 

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Michael R. Slater

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Brown, 2005

Email: Michael.Slater@georgetown.edu

Interests: American pragmatism, philosophy of religion, modern religious thought, religious ethics

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SteckChristopher W. Steck

Associate Professor,  Ph.D., Yale, 1999

Email: Christopher.Steck@georgetown.edu

Interests: Christian ethics, Catholic moral theology, comparative ethics, animal rights, Hans Urs von Balthasar

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Julia Watts Belser

Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley and the Graduate Theological Union, 2008

Interests: Judaism in Late Antiquity, Talmud and Rabbinic Literature, Gender Studies and Feminist Theory, Queer Studies, Disability Studies, Jewish Ethics, Religion and Ecology

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William Werpehowski

Department Chair
Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt L.C.H.S. Chair in Catholic Theology, Georgetown University; Ph.D., Yale University

Interests: Catholic and Protestant theology and ethics, 19th century-present; Catholic social teaching and public theology; virtues and emotions in religious life; the ethics of war and                                                             peace

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Stephen M. wilson

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Duke University, 2013
Email: wilsonsm@georgetown.edu

Interests: Hebrew Bible; masculinity and coming of age in the Bible; the problem of biblical violence; ancient historiography; social-scientific interpretation of the Bible; conceptions of death and the afterlife in the ancient Near East

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Diane M. Yeager

Associate Professor; Thomas J. Healey, C'64, Family Distinguished Professor; Ph.D., Duke University (Religion and Culture Concentration) 

Interests: Christian ethics (especially theoretical ethics, ethics and ecology, religious human rights), religion and literature, philosophical theology, and social theory.

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