The Costan Lecture 2018 – Robin Jensen & J. Patout Burns


Robin Jensen

University of Notre Dame

Robin Jensen is The Patrick O’Brien Professor of Theology (and concurrent faculty in Art, Art History, and Design; Fellow, Medieval Institute, Nanovic Institute) at the University of Notre Dame.

J. Patout Burns

Vanderbilt Divinity School

Patout Burns is Edward A. Malloy Professor of Catholic Studies, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Emeritus. Jensen and Burns are co-authors of Christianity in Roman Africa: The Development of its Practices and Beliefs (Eerdmans Press, 2014), Winner, 2015 Catholic Press Association Book Award (History).

Full video and text forthcoming

Lecture description: Augustine’s teaching on the sanctifying presence of Christ was shaped by his interpretation of the Old and New Testament scriptures, by his understanding of conflict over episcopal holiness that divided the African church, and by the influence of the spatial arrangements used during the celebration of the Eucharist. The presentation used the archeological evidence for the placement of the altar and ambo in African basilicas and the transcripts of his sermons to the congregation to distinguish the roles of clergy and laity in his church.  

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