Senior Research Scholars

History of Care

The Project has a major interest in feminine and feminist ideas of care, which are the principal focal point of the predominance of contemporary inquiries into care and the application of this idea in fields such as philosophy, theology, ethics, educational theory, philosophy of health care, etc. Because feminine and feminist notions of care are quite accessible, the first phase of the Project has concerned itself with other, less-well-known ideas and issues in the history of care. The following is a partial list of the Senior Research Scholars who are preparing Background Reports for the Project for the History of Care on topics that, for the most part, are antecedent to or on the fringes of contemporary debates about care.

Professor Heinz Schott, University of Bonn: “Nature as Source of Care”

Professor Steve Dworkin, University of Michigan: “Care Words in the Spanish Language and in the Romance Languages in General”

Professor Robin Attfield, Cardiff University, Wales: “The History of Stewardship Understood as Care”

Professor Gary Ferngren, Oregon State University: “Philanthropy and Charity in Antiquity”

Professor Emeritus Paul J. Crittenden, University of Sydney: “Care in the History of the Philosophy of Education”

Professor Robbin Derry, St. Mary’s College (Indiana): “Care in Business, Management, and Leadership”

Professor Hille Haker, University of Tübingen and Harvard University: “Identity and Care”

Dr. Josef Kure, Independent Scholar, Brno, Czech Republic: “The Idea of Care in Hans Jonas”

Professor Ruth Abbey, University of Kent at Canterbury: “The Idea of Care in the Thought of Charles Taylor”

Professor K. David Jackson, Yale University: “Care in Portuguese Language and Literature”

Professor Stephen Pope, Boston College: “Care in Evolutionary Perspective”

Professor Andrew J. Reck, Tulane University: “Concern and Care in the Thought of Paul Weiss”

Professor Roland Simon, University of Virginia: “Care in French Language, Literature, and Political Thought”

Professor Alexander Batthyany, University of Vienna: “Care of Soul in the Thought of Viktor Frankl”

Professor Craig Taylor, Australian Catholic University: “Utilitarianism and Care”

Professor Robert Sweeney, John Carroll University: “Care in the Thought of Paul Ricoeur”

Professor Edward Fowler Tuttle, University of California at Los Angeles: “Care in Italian Language and Literature”

Adjunct Professor Heidi Zogbaum, Latrobe University, Melbourne: “Welfare Care of Aboriginal Children in Australia”

Professor Christian Perring, Dowling College: “The Object of Care in Mental Health Care: Psyche, Brain, Self, Soul”

Professor James Swindal, John Carroll University: “The Idea of Care in the Thought of Jürgen Habermas”